SOUL explores wisdom - Living your full potential and life’s purpose

Are you feeling a deep longing to bring your unique qualities and gifts through your leadership to benefit your ideals for the world?

Our obligation as humans

We believe that we all have a unique place in this world. From that place each and every one of us has the capacity to see something that wants to emerge in the world.
It is very likely that your unique gifts will contribute to the emergence of that specific event.

It is your obligation, your job, to bring your gift to the world. Because it is needed!

We need to shift to a way of being that will enable us to access and tap into the collective intelligence which is connected to all there is. So we can re-align with who we really are and with our highest potential. Our Unique Selves.

SOUL explores

We created this program especially for team leaders, project managers or consultants who wish to investigate the intersection between spirituality and leadership. If you would like to explore (spiritual) development as a key foundation for tapping into and expressing your unique leadership in the world, then this program is for you!

Using the Unique Self Coaching process™, Claire Molinard will lead you through practices, designed to create more capacity to access a deeper source of wisdom. Which can cultivate a new awareness of the “future that wants to emerge”.

Moving through the U of Theory U, you will:

  • Release your sole identification to your separate self;
  • Expand your consciousness into true self;
  • Explore “Unique Self as the personal face of essence. The unique God-spark or love intelligence that lives in each one of us, as us, and through us;
  • Receive insight on your Unique Self and what future wants to emerge through you.

We’ll do practices that are immediately applicable in your life. You will leave this two days with a clear map to guide your own Unique Self emergence, one you can work with immediately.

By engaging in a series of core practices, you will gain an embodied experience of the three states of consciousness that characterize the journey from Separate Self to Unique Self.


Come join us on 15th and 16th of December 2016

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Practical information:
Dates: 15th and 16th of December 2016
Times: 9:30 – 17:30 and 9:30 – 17:00
Venue: Boterdijk 248, de Kwakel, Holland
Costs: € 290,- this is including lunch.
(Costs are including 21% VAT, unless an invoice is requested)

Let us know if you need a place to stay in Amsterdam, there are some beds available at the venue.